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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Journey into Outer Space and the Journey Within

It is a matter of great National delight that ISRO scientists and allied agencies, individuals and groups alike, creditably designed, engineered and implemented the space journey to Mars, registering success in the very first attempt. People have witnessed the skill and mastery of human brain over matter and energy. To make the MOM traverse 300 odd days covering 680 million km overcoming all hurdles in free space is a distinguished feat indeed!
In the world of science and technology, it elevates the Nation to global glory and majesty.  It equally demonstrates how the sentient human brain hosts the potential to engineer inert matter and energy, making them respond to its wish and will. 
But let us remember with fidelity that India’s exploits in science even in the ancient past were unparalleled at the time. In physics, chemistry, mathematics, biochemistry and the like, our people had shown astounding knowledge and precision.
Our forefathers had discovered the speed of Sun as travelling 2202 yojanas in half a second, which is a very near approximation to the modern findings. They had also defined zero and pi precisely.  Equally so, they were awake to the gravitational pulls of the celestial bodies, which define their trajectories.
Our present brain is a bequest from our predecessors.  While cherishing our success, let us remember the ancients, their inner zeal and scientific precision, with gratitude and admiration.
Side by side with the excellence of science and technology, we find how greed, possessiveness and domination, unleashed by human mind, work their havoc, downgrading the very quality and worth of scientific achievement, and generating a plethora of threats to the planetary life itself.
Unless the human brain emergently launches its benign mission to reform itself and forestall the havocs of the mind and senses, by heeding the call of goodness, benevolence and coexistence, the outer exploits are bound to be retrogressive and inglorious.
As we are able to traverse amazing distances in outer space, we have greater power to delve into the unfathomable depths of inner sentient space, which brings lasting grandeur and felicity.
The achievement should make us equally reflective, inspiring the intelligence to transform the evil traits of the mind into benevolent grace and nobility. If human ingenuity can have this much of potential and possibility, what should be the magnitude of its domain over our own inner personality, from where emerge all kinds of impetus.


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