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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Spirituality is fully scientific

31 January 2014
[On the 7th day of the Aatma Tattva Sameeksha Discourse Series
based on Ashtavakra Samhita in Thrissur, Kerala

Life is experiential. I exist and the world also exists; I am awake, I slept; I dreamed. I do not remember, now I do remember; I am old. I am sick. All these are one’s own experiences. Our life is a stream of experiences.
Spirituality, adhyaatma, is self experiential not external perceptible; that is spirituality is self experiential. It is recognizable by anyone else.
In the study of external objects instruments and gadgets are unavoidable. But these are merely instruments to help us in the study. It is our eyes, mind, intellect, which perceive the objects through these instruments and learn about them.
In the study of one’s self no instrument or accessory is needed. Spiritual knowledge is to be gained through the direct employment of one’s mind and intellect.
The information that comes through the senses is analyzed using the mind and intellect and conclusions are arrived at with conviction. Spiritual knowledge which is also similarly arrived at through self introspection and self analysis and is self experiential is thus unquestionable; this has to be acknowledged and accepted.  
Ashtavakra Mahrshi makes the process of Self-realization facile and certain. The entire world is gross and insentient. All the objects around are modifications of the five ‘elements’ namely earth, water, air, fire and sky. I am not any of these objects; I am the one seeing them, perceiving them. It is common knowledge that the one who is seeing cannot be the seen. One is the subject and the other is the object. The subject cannot be the object and vice versa.
I who am the witness of the pancabhootas am separate, different from them. Since I am able to include the vast expanse of the sky in my perception, I have the spatial dimension. The extent of ‘I’ is infinite!
It is the same eye that sees a mustard as well as the vastness of the sky as well as all the planetary bodies hovering in the sky. It is when all these are imprinted in my mind that I begin to experience them. Imagine! What could be the expanse and potential of such a mind that can imprint the entire cosmos within itself?
We are not ‘seeing’ the world; the world shines, is revealed as an imprint in us! This light does not belong to the external objects. It is from the inner power. None of the external objects can or do ever enter our within. All of them are merely imprints made by our mind in our mind.
It is only through vichara, introspection and analysis that we can understand the magnitude and power of this ‘I’ in us.
‘I’ who is the witness of the universe exceeds the universe itself! The universe floats in ‘I’ like bubbles in water. ‘I’ am the basis of these bubbles; and so this perceptible universe also resides in ‘me’ and is dependent on ‘me’.
He who knows this will not have any fear or concern about the universe. He will have no attraction or dislike for the Creation. That is why a spiritual knower, knower of truth, is able to function magnificently. He will always be competent, skillful and glorious in his actions.
The world is a servant in the eyes of a Knower, a Jnaani. ”I” am the Lord.
It is such self conviction and self confidence that is gifted by spiritual knowledge and realization.

* * *

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