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Sunday, October 13, 2013

On Supreme Court Judgment on “None of the above option” in the ballot paper

The Supreme Court’s judgment (on 27th September 2013), directing the Election Commission to introduce ‘None of the Above (NOTA)’ in electronic voting machines and also in the ballot papers is a long-awaited reform in our Country’s cultural and democratic Progress.
Who can question the fundamental fact that in democracy, people are supreme? Their wish and will must prevail.  But this is yet to be understood and enforced by the people, and adhered to by the elected.  The earlier this happens, the better for the Nation and its advancement.
O People of India, arise awake!
Do not allow democracy to be crucified!
Realize your democratic status, right and obligation!
When Parliament, with sheer number game, poses to trample on propriety, dharma and values, Judiciary is the only succor, we the people can seek and rely upon, under the Constitution as well as under the sacrosanctness of Democracy.
Let the elected know that all rights of the elected are derived from the people. The people alone bestow the powers to them.
While voting on crucial matters in the Parliament, the elected enjoy the freedom and privacy to vote in Parliament as well as ‘walk off’ when they feel like (abstaining from voting). But alas, they want to deny the people to say “none of the above” in the ballot paper! How can the Administration ask for open return of the ballot paper, with signature, thereby getting all clues and help to intimidate the voters!
To ask the voters to exercise their option openly, in front of the election officers, in contrast to what the ‘other voters’ are doing will be to facilitate intimidation from Administration as well as Political bosses.  It certainly interferes and tampers with the sanctity of the voters’ expression of their option.  By this the spirit and purpose of democracy gets crucified.   
Can the elected deny the people, who have elected them, a right which they freely enjoy?
Is there any worse travesty than this?
The Constitution of the country was ‘given by the people to themselves’.  Not by the Parliament. Parliament, election, etc. came after the people gave and accepted the Constitution.
The ‘none of the above’ option should be there, in all sanctity and appropriateness.  And Parliament should not tamper with the direction of the Supreme Court. Any Constitutional and National political party should welcome Supreme Court’s judgment and, in all Constitutional allegiance, honour and adhere to it.
Any political party should want to have democratically enlightened and responsible electorate.  They should be willing to abide by their wishes. Unwillingness, in any form, in this will instantly disqualify them to be the true representatives of the people.
As a citizen of India, it is the responsibility of each of us to ensure this. This is a great moment of India’s history. India is the 14th country to have this inclusion.

Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha


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  2. The citizens of India should have the right to say "none of the above' in their ballots. That is the supreme right of the people to express that, none of the contestants are fit to represent them. The parliament nor any such institution has the authority to trample on this inalienable right of the people.

    Narayan Arakoni and Girija

  3. Dear Swamiji, pranams at your feet. A vast majority of the urban population is disenchanted with the current parties and would like to desist from choosing any of them. This judgment of the Supreme Court will go a long way in upholding the rights of such people.